Ernest P. Chiodo

Areas of Practice

Dr. Chiodo has formal education and board certification documenting knowledge and expertise in internal medicine, occupational and environmental medicine, public health and general preventive medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, toxicology, industrial hygiene, threat response management (biological, chemical, and radiological defense) and biomedical engineering. He has been involved either as a physician or as an attorney with matters involving allegations of human injury due to exposure to mold, asbestos, lead, mercury, heavy metals, arsenic, dioxin, solvents, PCBs, benzene, manganese (welding fumes), carbon monoxide, building related illness (sick building syndrome), ergonomics, heat stroke, warning labels, disease and death causation, lightning, electrocution, falls, and automobile accidents. Dr. Chiodo also has special expertise in matters concerning food poisoning and disease due to infectious agents since as the Medical Director of the Detroit Health Department he was responsible for protecting the public health of over one million persons.

An area of focus in Dr. Chiodo’s practice given his Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering is impact biomechanics including the calculation of forces in low speed vehicular (car and truck) collisions. Biomedical engineering is the area of engineering that includes biomechanical engineering.

Dr. Chiodo has also been frequently called upon to provide services concerning building related disease (mold, carbon monoxide, and vapor intrusions) since he is a physician board certified in the medical specialties of internal medicine, occupational and environmental medicine, and public health and general preventive medicine as well as being a Certified Industrial Hygienist (C.I.H.) and a graduate toxicologist.

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